About the Owner

Myles Myles Myles

Myles Tyler started RunningWild Motorsports in 2005 in Killeen (Ft. Hood), Texas. After separating from the Army in 2008, where Myles was a Track Vehicle Mechanic, he relocated to his hometown of Omaha, NE and brought RunningWild Motorsports with him. RunningWild Motorsports took residence at it's current location in April of 2010.

Myles has an avid love for anything Honda or Acura, and has owned various models including Civics, Integras, CRXs, Accords, and Passports. He has an extreme love for the 1996-2000 EK body style Honda Civic. He currently owns one of each version that they made. Mary, the coupe, has a J32 engine swap with a vivid white pearl paint job. Zero, the hatchback, has a B20 engine swap and a SiR conversion. Exia, the sedan, is new to the family and is awaiting an H22 swap.

Myles currently resides in Omaha with his wife, Danielle, and their daughter, Kairi. Danielle handles the office at the shop and drives a 2002 Honda Civic Si named Winrii. You will often see Kairi helping out at the shop, whether it be drawing chalk paintings outside or greeting customers. She loves to chat with everyone that comes in. The family enjoys nights at the drag strip and both Myles and Danielle participate in local autocross events. Kairi hopes to drive in events once she is old enough, so for now she just cheers mom and dad on.

"Do it right the first time"